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Chapter- 5 Admissions, Tests, Examinations, Health
  Conditions for admissions of students
  1) No student shall be denied admission into registered school, which is maintained either through or without the grants given by the State Government, on grounds only of religion, race, caste, language or any of them. (2) An application for admission of a student shall be made to the Head of the School in writing :- (a) by the student himself, where he is major. (b) by the parent or guardian, where he is minor. (3) The Head of the school shall arrange to furnish copies of rules governing the school, to the student or, as the case may be, to parent or guardian, who shall undertake in writing addressed to the Head to abide by them. (4) Where a student seeks his admission after having left a school, or where a parent or guardian seeks admission of a student, who has left a school, such student or parent or guardian shall furnish to the Head of the school along with an application for admission, a school leaving certificate of the last school. Provided that where a student has not attended any school previously, a declaration to that effect shall be obtained either from the student or as the case may be from his parent or guardian. Provided further that where a student has attended a school, previously and a school leaving certificate is not granted by the Head of the previous school, the Head of the school may in consultation with the Head of the previous school; admit the student provisionally and refer the matter to the officer and act in accordance with the directions of such an officer. (5) No student, suffering from a contagious disease shall be permitted to attend a registered school until a medical certificate stating that the child is cured of the disease is produced either by the student or, as the case may be, by the parent or guardian of the student. (6) Students may ordinarily be admitted in a registered school during a period of thirty(1) days commencing from its academic year. Provided that the Head of such school may in special circumstances, such as sickness of the student, bereavement in the family, transfer of parent or guardian from one place to another, or change in residence, admit students after the expiry of the aforesaid period and where any student is so admitted, a report therefore shall be made to the officer. [1] (7) (a) A school following an academic year from June to May may admit a student in the month of January or later from a school following an academic year from January to December.
Provided that the student so admitted shall not be eligible to appear for the next annual examination of the school to which he has been admitted unless he has attended the classes in the standard in which he is admitted for at least 75 per cent of the total number of working days of the academic year of the school he left and the school in which he is admitted.