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Chapter- 4 Registration Of Secondary Schools
  Procedure for Registration of Secondary Schools by the Board
1 A trust which desires to impart secondary education by establishing a school from an academic year, shall apply on or before 31st August in the previous academic year, to the Board in form-I as provided in clause (2). The board shall decide on all the applications on or before 28th of February.
2 Every application under clause (1) of this Regulation, shall be sent to the Secretary of the Board by Registered post with A.D., along with the prescribed fees.
3 The application for registration shall be entertained by the Board only if it is duly made in form. I to be obtained from the Board on the payment of fee as decided by the Board from time to time, and if the fees of Rs. 1000/- or as laid down in the Regulation 9 (2) is paid.
4 On receipt of the application, the Secretary shall forthwith forward one copy thereof to the officer for report indicating the date on or before which the report and recommendations of the officer shall reach the Board's Office. The report and the recommendations of the officer along with the application shall be placed before the Executive Committee by the Secretary after due Scrutiny, for approval.
5 While forwarding his report under clause (4), the officer shall state whether and on what conditions the trust is registered.
6 The Executive Committee may call for any information related to consideration of the application from the applicant and the applicant shall promptly supply the necessary information through the officer.
7 No secondary school shall be registered by the Board or continued to be registered unless it fulfills the following requirements, namely :-
  (i) The management is, in the opinion of the Board, competent and reliable and is in the hands of a properly constituted authority or managing body and its financial stability is assured;
(ii) the school is open for inspection by officers of the Board, the inspecting officers of the Department, or a person authorized by the Board;
(iii) the School has, in the opinion of the Board, furniture, laboratory, library, equipments, stationary and other articles for conducting the school as per the standard requirements laid down by regulations, has non-teaching and teaching staff having qualifications prescribed under regulations, and has recreation and sanitary facilities for the students;
(iv) the education imparted in the school is, in the opinion of the Board, satisfactory in all respects, and the school employs the members who are qualified to be appointed as such as per the regulations made in that behalf.
(v) the school follows the curricula and the detailed syllabi approved by the Government and uses the textbooks sanctioned or prescribed by the Government from time to time.
(v-a) The school Management shall not permit, in the school premises, the use of text books containing question papers regarding examination along with model answers, or
explanatory notes on fundamentals with questions and answers on new edition, guides, short-notes from books meant for prompt preparation and such other books. [1]
(vi) admissions given in various standards are according to the conditions laid down by the Board under clause 10 of Section 17;