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Chapter- 4 Registration Of Secondary Schools
  vii) promotions from one standard to the next higher standard are given in accordance with the standards laid down by the Board under clause 10 of Seciton-17;
(viii) the rates of education fees, the pay-scales and allowances of the headmasters and teaching and non-teaching staff, and amenities provided, are in accordance with these regulations;
(ix) the school maintains satisfactorily, the registers and records prescribed by the Board;
(x) the records, statistical returns and certificates given by the school of or the management are trustworthy;
(xi) the school undertakes to make provision to the satisfaction of the Board that the general rules of discipline as laid down by the Board from time to time are duly observed by the school employees as well as by the students;
(xii) the management ensures that no unregistered school or class is conducted in the premises of the school managed by it or in other premises;
(xiii) the school shall not prepare and send one and the same candidates, for any other examination of a nature similar to or higher than the Secondary School Certificate Examination conducted by the Board;
(xiv) the school shall not refuse admission to a student on the ground only of religion, race, caste, language or any of them if the school receives grant from the State Government.
  (i) Where the Executive Committee is satisfied that the school deserves to be registered, in that case, the Executive Committee shall direct the Secretary to enter its name in the list of registered secondary schools to be maintained by him and the Secretary shall inform the applicant that the school has been registered, and where the Executive Committee decides that the School shall not be registered, in that case, the decision shall be communicated by the Secretary to the applicant;
(ii) Where recommendation of the officer to register or not to register the school is not accepted by the Executive Committee, the reasons therefore shall be recorded in writing.
  The register in Form-II shall be maintained by the Secretary of the Board.
  The Secretary, on a request made by a person in charge of management of a registered school may make a change in the entries in relation to a school entered in the register, after following, as far as may be, the procedure similar to the procedure for registration of the school, and obtaining the previous approval of the Executive Committee of the Board to such change.
  For change of place of a registered secondary school;
1 The school building is old, and in dangerous condition;
2 the school building is a rented one and if the circumstances to vacant the same arises or if a new building has been constrict with the permission of the institution and
3 if modern facilities in better proportion have been made in the existing school building or if a building with better facilities has been kept on rent, the change of place shall be granted keeping in view, the above circumstances, if the new building for the school falls with in 1 kilometre of distance
4 A permission in written shall be produced from more than 50% members of the guardians as well as from teachers and other employees for the change of place.
5 the permission for such change of place shall be granted only once in a life time of the school no permission shall be granted otherwise. provided further that, in case if the school is to be shifted to it's own building, it shall not be entitled for grant for the rant of news building.
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