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Chapter- 3 Board And Its Committees
  Procedure for Election of the Board
1 The election of Class B - Elected Members referred to in sub-section-2 of Section 3 other than the members falling in clauses (i) and (x) of that class shall be held in accordance with the procedure specified in the Appendix.
2 The Chairman of the Board or his nominee shall be the Returning Officer and shall be responsible for the conduct of the elections.
3 In the event of a casual vacancy of a member of the Board, the Returning Officer shall, as soon as possible, take immediate steps to hold a fresh election in accordance with the provisions contained in the Appendix.
  Committees of the Board and their term
1 Appointment of the members of a committee shall be made at a meeting of the Board.
2 Any casual vacancy in a committee shall be filled in by the Board at its meeting held immediately after the occurrence of the vacancy.
3 The term of office of members of all the committees of the Board except the Committee of Courses, if any, shall be of two years and that of the members of Committee of Courses shall be of three- years, from the date on which the members are appointed.(1)
4 The Secretary shall be the Secretary of all the Committees appointed by the Board and shall attend and participate in the discussions at all such meetings and answer such questions and furnish such information as may be put or called for in such meetings but shall not be entitled to vote.
5 No person shall be a member of more than four Committee of Courses.
6 The meetings of any of the committees appointed by the Board shall be held at the head quarters of the Board. However in special cases, such meetings may be held at any place in the State, with the previous written permission of the Chairman.