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Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board
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Chapter- 3 Board And Its Committees
7 to write off irrecoverable sums due in respect of stores, priced publications, statements of marks and also unserviceable articles of dead stock, if the account of the dues in each case or the value of dead stock exceeds Rs.250/- but does not exceed Rs.1000/-;
8 to report to the Board upon any matter on which views of the Executive Committee are invited by the Board or in respect of which the Executive Committee considers that it should tender advice to the Board;
9 to advise the Chairman in general on any matter connected with the work of the Board which the Executive Committee deems fit or which the Chairman may refer to it;
10 to make recommendations to the Board concerning the framing or amendments of regulations and bye-laws of the Board after considering the recommendations, if any, of the other Committees of the Board;
11 to institute and award scholarships, medals, prizes and other rewards and to prescribe conditions therefore;
12 to accept, reject or refer back any proposal, recommendation, or report from any other Committee of the Board;
13 to recommend to the Board for approval, rates of traveling allowance and remuneration to paper-setters, examiners, moderators, supervisors and other personnel conducting the examination after taking into consideration the recommendations in that behalf of the other committees of the Board, if any;
14 to authorize grant of such amount of permanent advance to the Secretary, to meet with petty expenditure as it thinks necessary;
15 with a view to ensuring maintenance of academic standards laid down by the Board, to call for any information from any secondary school registered under the Act and to call for reports and information in relation to maintenance of academic standards by a registered school from officers and to recommend to the Board, take decision for the withdrawal of registration of a school in a case, where the academic standard of a school is found to be below the standards as laid down by the Board;
16 to advise the Chairman about the provisions of buildings, premises and other requirements for carrying out the Examination work and of the office work of the Board;
17 to advise the Chairman on the appointments of Chief Conductor at the various centres of the Examination;
18 to arrange for the publications of the results of the Examination; and
19 to prepare a set of instructions to be sent to paper-setters, moderators and examiners from time to time;
20 to frame rules consistent with the Act and Regulations as may be necessary for the smooth and effective administration.
21 take decision on the recommendation of the officer regarding the registration of new school.
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