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Chapter-2 Powers And Duties Of Chairman And Secretary
Power and Duties of Chairman
In addition to the powers and duties of the Chairman laid down in the Act, the following shall be the powers and duties of the Chairman, namely
  It shall be the duty of the Chairman -
1 to give effect to the decisions of the Executive Committee;
2 to convene all meetings of a committee of which he is the Chairman;
3 to preside over all meetings of a committee of which he is the Chairman.
  The Chairman shall have power -
1 ubject to the provisions of the budget to sanction the purchase or hire of stores, stationery, furniture or other equipments required for the office of the Board, if the purchase price or hire charge exceeds Rs.1000/- but does not exceed Rs.20,000/-;
2 to write off irrecoverable sums due in respect of stores, priced publications and unserviceable articles of dead stock provided in each such case, dues or price or dead stock does not exceed Rs.2,500/-;
3 to re appropriate amount from one detailed Budget Head to another in consultation with the Finance Committee, if any, of the Board without exceeding the amount sanctioned by budget;
4 to convene an emergency meeting of the Board at any time if he considers such a meeting to be necessary;
5 to decide doubtful cases of admission of candidates to the examination submitted by the Joint Secretary;(3)
6 to appoint in consultation with the Examination Committee, the Chief conductors at various centres of the examination;(4)
7 to sanction for payment, the bills of travelling allowance of the Members of the Board and its Committees and the officers of the Board;(5)
8 to take such action in an emergency as in his opinion the emergency requires;(6)
9 to grant leave, other than special disability leave, to the Secretary and the other
10 officers of the Board; to censure, fine or reduce in rank any person on the clerical staff of the Board or withhold for a specified period any increment in salary due to him and in case of gross misconduct or inefficiency, to hold or order the holding by a competent officer of an inquiry against any member of the clerical staff or class-IV servant and remove or dismiss him from service, provided that it shall be competent to the State Government to call for and examine the record of the order, made by the Chairman in any disciplinary matter against the staff and, if necessary, to modify, amend, or reverse the orders passed by the
11 to appoint class - III employees of the Board;
12 to sanction his own T.A. Bill and T.A. Bills of the officers;
The Chairman shall have all the powers as are exercised by a Head of the State Government Department.