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Chapter-1 - Preliminary
o. "protected teacher" means a person who before 29th March, 1965 taught in any school any subject in any of the standard fifth to seventh which before the said date formed part of secondary education, and who continues to teach in a school any subject in any of such standards which after the said date form part of primary education and whose rights in relation to pay and pay-scales are protected under an order of the State Government;
p. "recognized school" means a secondary school or a post basic school recognized by the Director of Education, Gujarat State, or an officer authorized by him in this behalf or, a high school registered by any University;
q. "register" means the Register of Secondary Schools for the State of Gujarat prepared and maintained under this Act;
r. "registered school" means a secondary school or a post basic school registered by the Board under section 31;
s. "regulations" means regulations made under section 53 or 54;
t. "secondary education" means education, including post basic education, in such subjects from eighth standard 1 [upto such
standard, not being higher than the eleventh standard] as may, by general or special order from time to time, be determined by the State Government;
u. "secondary school" means a school imparting secondary education;
v. "Secondary School Certificate Examination" means the examinations of the students in the last standard determined under clause.

  (t) and the standard upto which education shall be considered to be secondary education.2 [and where the standard determined under clause (u) is a standard other than the eleventh standard, includes examinations in the eleventh standard, of the students who have attended schools in that standard in any school year prior to the school year of 1976-77. Explanation.-for the purposes of this clause, "school year" means an academic year commencing ordinarily in the month of June]. 1. These words were substituted for the words "up to such standard" by Guj. 32 of 1978, s. 2(i). 2. This portion and the explanation were added, ibid, s. 2 (ii).
w. "teacher" means a teacher of a registered school but does not include a headmaster;
x. "Tribunal" means Tribunal constituted under section 39;
y. "University" means a University established by any law in the State of Gujarat; (a) the expression "primary education" shall have the meaning assigned to it in the Gujarat Compulsory Primary Education Act, 1961 and the Bombay Primary Education Act, 1947.